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Wisconsin Supreme Court Ends Lock Down, Let's How The People Reacted To The News

Good people of Wisconsin, you just won a Supreme Court ruling, what are you going to do next?!

For all of our shit talking and natural rivalries between the Bears and Packers, I still love the good people of Wisconsin. Kind of like Priest Vallon and The Butcher in "Gangs of New York"...only religion separates us. We share a lake, we share a border, we share values, and we share the desire to guzzle down great tasting, less filling beers with our closest friends and also complete strangers. And when The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled against the Governor that is EXACTLY what they did

Packed to the gills in just 45 minutes. I can't say that I am totally comfortable or okay with this given the uncertainty of the situation, but there is a part of me is jealous and admires them. Maybe not enough to risk going out myself, but god damn I miss the freedom. I mean look at this next scene

Some townie bar in Oskosh looks like heaven on Earth right now. Man titties in your face behind the bar, the smell of stale farts in the air, watered down cocktails, and a tab at the end of the night that will have you avoiding your bank statements for weeks. Incredible. No time to take down the St Paddy's Day decorations. Just keep the party rolling. Child labor laws be damned, pour me a drink, Kid.

Again, can't say this enough…definitely not saying this is the right way to behave. I don't have any answers. I am just saying that only free people truly live