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Papa John Joins TikTok To Show Off How Rich He Is

If there's one thing we've been longing for during quarantine, it's OJ Simpson on TikTok. Thankfully, those prayers have been answered. But the second biggest thing we've been clamoring for? Papa John on TikTok. Well, clamor no more. Papa John is on TikTok to let everyone know he is in fact rich. 

Let's take a look through his TikTok journey. 

The Introduction

Nothing says "I have arrived" like rolling around on a little bike while "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion plays in the background. This was a strong opening statement. 

Sick Car Display

Papa John follows up his introduction by showing off his '71 Camaro Z28. Quick to identify trends, PJ chooses one of TikTok's most popular songs, "The Box" By Roddy Rich, as his background music. Fast learner.

Finally, The Answer We've All Been Waiting For

I've lost count of how many nights I've lied awake, tossing and turning in bed, pondering "God, I wonder if Papa John has a helicopter?" I'll finally be sleeping a full eight hours tonight knowing that he does, in fact, have a Papa Choppa. 


There's no way this Camaro-driving, helicopter-owning man can be the real Papa John, right? Wrong. Papa John and the blue checkmark are here to clear up any confusion. 


Simple. Effective. Right to the point. 

Merch Display

Always a businessman, you didn't think Papa John just joined TikTok for the fun of it, did you?

Home Workouts

Home workouts have been all the rage during quarantine. Papa Flex gets in the game. 

Crib Tour

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for. We get a brief glimpse of the Schnatter Estates. Always a showman, Papa leaves us wanting a little bit more at the end. Talk about a tease.