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Matthew Stafford Is Selling His Detroit Mansion

TMZ - Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford's insane mansion -- featuring the LARGEST infinity pool in Michigan -- is hitting the market with a $6.5 million price tag!

The 1.27-acre home is as baller as it gets -- 5 beds, 7 baths and sits on a peninsula looking over Upper Long Lake, a glass elevator, indoor basketball court with the Pistons' old Silverdome hardwood, walk-in wine cellar, gourmet kitchen, walk-in closets, sauna ... and, oh yeah, the infinity pool.

Trouble in paradise?!

Nope. Apparently that's not the case at all as his wife Kelly posted this on her IG:

"So, just really quickly I wanted to address out house being on the market. No speculation is needed. We’re about to have our fourth child, and I, personally, do not want to live on a lake or have a pool with four children under the age of a little over three.

So that is the reason that it’s on the market. It makes us super sad. That house has been incredible. We’ll never own a house like it. So it is a super sad thing, but it just makes us feel better knowing that there’s no real dangers of having tiny ones running around all the bodies of water. So, that is the reason.”

Damn, so this means Stafford isn't disgruntled and that it just sounds like they're both good parents? I wonder how bummed some of the local media is that they won't have this kind of fodder for the rest of the Summer/leading into training camp? You know some asshole is.

On a serious note though I think it's pretty dope how much the Staffords have embraced Detroit. That's usually never the case when people from the South move to the Midwest. They hate the Winters, they miss the sweet tea, they miss the country cruises, etc. So to have them kinda be all in makes me kinda like them which feels weird for me to say with them being in the NFC North. Now of course we'll see what happens once Staff retires, but regardless everything I've read about them and Detroit has been about how much they love it and as a Midwest brother I love that.

P.S. - That house sounds fucking sweet though. Lake, Silverdome hardwood basketball court, and the largest infinity pool in the state?! Those kids are going to be pissed when they grow up that they missed out on it. Build a damn fence, Matt!!!

P.S.S. - I wish I could show more pictures, but there's a bunch of rules about that now and I'm scared so please seek out at your own accord.