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A Shop In Hong Kong Is Making Ice Cream, Not For Pleasure, But For Purposeful Pain

It's pretty much impossible to eat ice cream and NOT be happy. Regardless of whatever shit is going on in your life, in those rapidly dissolving minutes of sugary bliss, everything is a little better. If you were shot in the buttocks, ice cream makes it better. If you're sick and your throat is on fire, ice cream makes it better. If it's 100 degrees outside and you're sweating your ass off, ice cream makes it better. If you are heartbroken/broke/unemployed/lonely/upset/mourning ice cream, at least temporarily, makes it better.

And this isn't just true here in America, ice cream is globally beloved. Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, The Netherlands - pretty much everywhere around the world you can spot happy people indulging in their country's signature style of ice cream. It's basically the global symbol for joy regardless of age, race, income, culture, or beliefs. 

So you can imagine my surprise when I came across the following: 

Why on earth would someone want to turn something so pure and perfect and into something as vile as tear gas? Why take something that invokes so much joy in people and use it to do the exact opposite? And what exactly does tear gas ice cream taste like? 

The main ingredient is black peppercorns, a reminder of the pungent, peppery rounds fired by police on the streets of the semi-autonomous Chinese city during months of demonstrations last year.

“It tastes like tear gas. It feels difficult to breathe at first and it’s really pungent and irritating. It makes me want to drink a lot of water immediately,” said customer Anita Wong, who experienced tear gas at a protest. “I think it’s a flashback that reminds me of how painful I felt in the movement and that I shouldn’t forget.”

Honestly… this is kind of amazing. Not the actual flavor as that sounds horrible and painful, but the idea behind it. When you experience something so radical and life-altering, you think you'll never forget how you felt in that moment. But then life comes in and it gets lost in the shuffle, or worse, you become numb to it. 

Well, what if you had something that could remind you of that cataclysmic moment whenever you wanted so you could do and be better? Something that triggered all your senses and reminded you to stop being an asshole and be grateful? 

Purposely painful ice cream may be the next Pinkberry.