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COD's Skill-Based Match Making Is A Beautiful Thing

LOOK AT THAT SKILL! I POPPED OFF! 10 KILL W FOR THE BOYS & GIRLS! Shoutout to Nataagataa. Shoutout to Robbie Fox. And even Shoutout to Smitty. WHAT A WIN!

That's exactly how I felt on Wednesday after we played collectively the best game we've ever played. I had about 10 Kills, I believe Smitty had about 8, Nataagataa had around 6, and Robbie around 3-4. That's like a major league baseball batting .999 on the season. Just doesn't happen. Then yesterday rolled around & these assholes on Twitter started making fun of our lobby. 

How about you go and get your fuckin' shinebox, Chuck?

And then even this Nick Mercs guy got in on it! No need to say we suck. We got a win then next thing we know one of the biggest streamers on Earth is saying we suck. Fucked up, fam.