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Quinton Dunbar Told Reporters YESTERDAY MORNING That He Hoped To Thank The Seahawks "With the way I carry myself as a person."


This is A+ stuff. Did Quinton Dunbar think he got away with it? That nobody at the party would realize it was 2 NFL players who just robbed them at gunpoint of all of their belongings? And then he just went on with his life as if nothing happened? That's awesome. Rob everyone of their watches and jewelry on May 13th, thank the Seahawks and promise to repay them for who he is as a person on May 14th. A tale as old as time.

And by the way, I feel we need to talk more about NFL players robbing people at gunpoint. This is a pre-meditated plan, not spur of the moment. They had conversations about this. And at no point decided it was a bad idea. At no point decided stealing $7,000 in cash would backfire and cost them millions of dollars in lifetime earnings. 


TMZ - Law enforcement says the men made out with more than $7,000 in cash -- along with several valuable watches including an $18,000 Rolex watch, a $25,000 Hublot and a pricey Audemars Piguet timepiece. There are conflicting reports from witnesses about whether Dunbar was armed with a gun -- some say he was, others say he was not. One witness told cops they had met Baker and Dunbar at a party a few days earlier in Miami -- at which the NFL players had "lost" around $70,000.


It's remarkable. Wahhhhh, we lost $70,000 playing cards, wahhhhhhh. Just wait til your next paycheck when you make it back, idiots.

What a way to flush millions down the toilet. Bravo, fellas. Bravo.



PS: Pretty funny: