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Florida Man Loses Prosthetic Leg While Surfing - Teenage Boy Finds It A Month Later During a Treasure Hunt And Returns It To Him

2020 has been filled with a lot of bad shit, but here and there some good stories slip through the cracks of evil. Carter Hess, who lost his leg serving over in Afghanistan in 2012, reuniting with his lost prosthetic surfing leg by a 13 year old treasure hunting is as good as it gets. And yes...Florida. Of course. 

Panama City News Herald

Hess, who is originally from Panama City, was reunited with his prosthetic on Tuesday after losing it last month while surfing. Sebastian Morris, a 13-year-old from Santa Rosa Beach, had recently found the leg while diving and treasure hunting with his father, Bobby Morris, who then started an online campaign to find the owner and return it. Sebastian Morris was determined to find the owner and more about the leg he’d dug up in the jetties of the park, his father had said.

 Everything about this story puts a smile on my face. Just good people doing good genuine things. Gives you hope that we might be okay after all. Probably not, but maybe? 

Anyways, as I mentioned earlier. Hess served for our country over in Afghanistan and stepped on an IED in 2012 which blew off the leg. Just awful .Guy is a hero who loves to surf now all over the world from Bali to Central America and Hawaii. This prosthetic cost $3,000 so losing this thing was obviously a big deal even if he seemed to brush it off. Feel like it's such a classic surfer move by his buddies to rag on him about it. Every time they'd see a story about a prosthetic that was found they would send it to him as a joke saying it was his. 

Carter Hess’s friends never seem to miss an opportunity to kid him about his artificial leg by sending him online stories of found prosthetics. “I surf a lot and so every time a leg is found, they get a kick out of it,” Hess said.

They got a real..kick out of it. Get it? I'll see myself out. Luckily this dude Sebastian and his dad Bobby were out looking for the treasure in Outer Banks and came across the leg. Just your classic father-son treasure hunting duo. Goals. Awesome stuff all around. 

Fucking Florida.