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Wake Up With CC Sabathia Hitting A Building With A Homer In His Alumni Game

CC Sabathia's been in the news this week for dropping a ton of weight. Guy looks good, he's doing the opposite of what everyone else does in retirement good for him. Lets toss it back to 2004, Sabathia was an All Star with the Indians this season but came home in the offseason and played in his high school alumni game. He steps to bat around the 1:00 minute mark wearing what looks to be some sort of tarp? Whatever he has on, it didn't stop him but murdering this baseball. I know aluminum bats are loud, but this sounded like a bomb went off. Crowd goes nuts, CC walks to first basically, and the ball hits the building across the street. Shoutout to the guy next to the camera who doesn't even wait for the ball to land before screaming "BYE BYE BABY, GOODNIGHT IRENE. SEE YA NEXT YEAR!" First base coach basically cracking up in the box over there too, wheres the sportsmanship? You can't even be mad if you're the pitcher, he isn't there to throw heat. Those guys were there to see how far CC could hit a ball, and they found out. Enjoy your weekend, friends.