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LeapFrogged: (25) TCU Holds Off Texas Tech to Crush Coach Duggs' Winning Streak

Alright, I'll get straight to the point with this one. Texas Tech was AWFUL tonight. Coach Duggs and the Red Raiders may have only lost by five points, a 40-35 final in Fort Worth to TCU, but the final score is not an indication of the flow of this game. There's one thing you need to know.

Seven. Interceptions.

That wasn't the only thing that Coach Duggs struggled with this evening: an injured QB, an offensive line that couldn't care less...

And even the special teams couldn't get things together...

(I'll admit, I was cracking up when they faked that punt) Anyways, this was just not a good showing from Texas Tech. Plain and simple. Hopefully for Coach Duggs' sake, QB Gunnar Wesson is healthy by tomorrow. Will try to get an injury update in the morning. 

It's a matinee at 3 PM vs. Oklahoma, where the Red Raiders will try to get back on the right track. Watch here: