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Kobe Showed Up To Lakers Practice One Day To Tell Everyone: 'I Just Want To Say Bye To Some Of You Bums Who Are Getting Traded Tomorrow'

Yep, that sounds about right. It also just sums up two things about Kobe. One, that he truly was the asshole that wanted to push every one of his teammates. Second the end of his career was one of the weirder things for an all-time great like Kobe. A guy that was just plagued by injuries, kept playing but playing on shitty Lakers teams. Feel like that rarely happens for someone at the level of Kobe. They either bounce to a different team or just get injured once and retire. 

But man look at that 2014-15 Lakers team. They were BAD. You had Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson as rookies. Nick Young was a captain! Guys like Tarik Black, Wes Johnson, Ryan Kelly, Jordan Hill, Carlos Boozer, Ed Davis and Jeremy Lin were on the roster. They sucked. 

Although my favorite thing of this story - the Lakers didn't trade anyone before the deadline. So now you have Kobe just ruining everyone's practice, making guys think they are about to get traded only to finish the season in Los Angeles. That makes it even worse. Like you're Kobe. You can 100% tell the front office to move any of them - although, I'm sure no one really wanted to take them. Just dump somebody onto another roster to prove Kobe's point. 

We need more stories like this to come out present day. Give me the most obscure person to say it too - I don't know someone like Nikola Jokic. Just someone you wouldn't expect. I assume Jokic is always happy as a clam. Instead he walks in and just warns Gary Harris he's getting traded or some shit.