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Luke Combs Covered The Fuck Out Of Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car'

I know I've heard the name Luke Combs before but that's the extent of my knowledge of him. That's probably sacrilegious to some of you out there but I'm just not all that into country music. That's different than not being a fan of country music, I just haven't exposed myself to it enough. As a young man I was filled to the gills with testosterone and 50 Cent lyrics to the point where I actively (and irrationally) despised country music for whatever reason but I've come around to liking some of it now that I'm older. We're obviously close with Jake Owen and that dude has awesome music. There's a guy named Larry Fleet who I am a gigantic fan of. There's really only a couple country music singers that I like/know of.

What I'm trying to say is that I didn't know much about Luke Combs until that video of him covering Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' popped up on my Twitter feed and I'm very glad it did. It's AWESOME. Fast Car is a phenomenal song to begin with so I'll listen to just about any cover of it. You hear the first part of that song and you're like, "Oh shit here we go". Luke Combs did a spectacular job with it. I enjoyed the entire thing very much and will likely be diving into Luke Combs' music here in the near future. Have a good Thursday.