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Watching Brad Stevens And Danny Ainge Together On Zoom Is The Perfect Cure For The Quarantine Blues

Are you a little depressed during quarantine? Maybe starting to go a little crazy, already watched everything on Netflix and have beat your meat to the point where you need to give it a break? May I recommend watching Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge on Zoom. Yeah this might only be appealing to Celtics fans but that's sort of my life and a large majority of those who clicked on this blog so I stand by it. That was the best 15 minutes I've spent all day watching that first episode. Find me a more entertaining coach/GM pairing, you can't. I already documented how much Danny Ainge has been dominating quarantine

and now you throw Brad into the mix and I feel like this deserves every award out there. Roasting Brad for his hate of wearing suits, the creation of Hoodie Brad, it was all fantastic. 

Then, as a bonus that I was not expecting we got to see Tommy! Looked better than ever in my opinion. Least surprising thing of all time was Tommy talking about how he's a big oatmeal guy and is surviving on TV dinners. How are we allowing that to happen? We can't get him a Hello Fresh or something? The Celts don't have a personal chef that can get him something better than oatmeal? We need Tommy around for as long as possible and he deserves better. 

Next we get to hear Perk talk about how Pau Gasol was softer than a hot twinkie? Sign me up. It's things like this that keep me going during this shit show of a time. I miss them all so much so if you're like me and needed something to cheer up your day, this series might be it.