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TikTok Thursday Featuring A Wonderful Cincinnati Spaghetti Recipe

1. Cincy Sauce 

Cinnamon in spaghetti sauce doesn't sound totally out of bounds, but the chocolate sauce is where I draw the line. What the fuck is it with that wretched city and their desire to ruin food? Specifically Spaghetti for some reason between this and Skyline. Did an Italian fuck the Mayors wife a century ago or something? Chist. Someone protect Joe Burrow from these people. 

2. Sex Pests Vol. I

Something tells me that not only has Savage_Daddy666 never made someone cum, but that he also has lien on his house that needs to be paid off in a major way. The BDSM subsect of twitter is really strange, but I feel like the worlds worst cop by busting them and not whoever is making the audio clips that they all use. I NEED TO GET TO THE SOURCE!

3. Sex Pests Vol. II

Like with the last video, I encourage you to swipe through every single one of them to get the full effect. 

4. Sex Pests Vol. III

This is a Herculean effort suck-in-gut job by this dude. Lucky for him, I'm probably the only person who noticed. 

5. Ghost Blowjob

I like getting that gawkatron 5000 more than the next guy, but do it to me when I'm alive. Don't suck my body off your fingers like fuckin cheeto dust after I'm gone. 

6. The Hole of No Return

The Wuhan bat theory is now debunked because I am 100% sure this is where big Rona started. 

7. Holey Moley 

Christ almighty in heaven. That looks like if you gripped the hair and yanked it, a full sized troll doll would come birthing out of his neck. Why not shave it? Why post this? Why not braid it like a Dothraki to symbolize how many victories he has won in settlers of Catan.