A Commenter Was Not Happy With Stone Cold Wearing A Mask, So He Opened A Can Of Whoop Ass On Him

Yesterday, Stone Cold posted the picture above. As a college football fan, what caught my eye was, of course, the Alabama logo. Who knew Stone Cold, a former North Texas football player, was a fan of the Crimson Tide? I could hear him saying Roll Tide as I looked at this photo and I can confirm that it sounded badass. 

The Alabama mask wasn't the main event of the evening, though. It came after a commenter on Stone Cold's Instagram expressed his negative feelings of seeing him in a mask. I know, the horror!

Stone Cold's response was simple, but cut deep:

Probably the biggest endorsements for masks we've seen throughout this entire pandemic. If Stone Cold, the epitome of an alpha male, can put on a mask, so can you:

I'm not one to tell Stone Cold what to do, but him tracking down @mmahan51 and giving him an unsuspecting stone cold stunner could potentially break the internet.