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The Blackhawks Should Fire Stan Bowman And Colliton Now Regardless Of What Happens With The NHL Re-Start

I don't know anything for sure. We are still in a dark period where even though John McDonough is gone nobody is really talking to me about the Blackhawks so this is all speculation. My gut tells me that the Blackhawks wanted to make whole sale changes. McDonough was the first domino and one that is more easily replaced. The uncertainty around the NHL thanks to Covid-19 could be the main reason, or at least a large contributing factor as to why Stan Bowman still has a job. He might be the ONLY person in the country who got added job security thanks to coronavirus. My question is simple...why?

The obvious answers are that you need him to run the draft. You need him to be there when the NHL starts back up. You need him to provide stability to hockey ops. counter argument is "no you don't". Fire Stan Bowman now, but also tell Mark Kelley and his scouting staff that they are being retained. Stan Bowman has said many, MANY times that he basically turns the draft over to those guys anyways. Have Mark answer the phones. Keep Norm MacIver around to field calls about trades on an interim basis. Those guys have proven their worth on draft day. Let them call the shots and take a definitive step towards the future. 

If the Blackhawks move fast they have an opportunity have real advantage for 2020-21. There is one, obvious, difference making coach available right now. Gerard Gallant. If the Blackhawks make a change today, and hire Gallant, then guess what...they get to have two training camps and two preseasons. Players have told me that there is going to be a mandatory three week training camp whenever the 2020 season resumes. That'll be followed by this 24 team playoff tournament thing that the NHL is looking at  If you have Gallant there's preseason #1. The Hawks aren't winning anything with this team regardless of the format, but getting a jump start on the system and having highly competitive games to test it sounds great. Then, the season stops, boys go home, they can watch film on it, and when they come back for training camp 2020-21 they'll be ready to go. 

The clock is ticking on the Toews and Kane era. There is no time to waste. The advantage you gain by going fast, in my estimation, is probably greater than having Stan and Jeremy in place for the duration of 2020. The NHL might not be ready to bag the rest of this season, but the Hawks should. Get moving, get the best guy, get back in the playoffs for real in 2021.