"We Are Going To Play Football In The Fall, Even If I Have To Suit Up" -- Gordon Gee, 76-Year-Old West Virginia President

Now THAT'S the spirit!!!

For those of you that don't recall, Gordon Gee is the former president of The Ohio State University that is known for a couple things: 

1. Calling Boise State and TCU "Little Sisters of the Poor" when asked if they deserved BCS bids. He then had to visit the Little Sisters of the Poor and apologize....

2. When asked if Ohio State was going to fire Jim Tressel during the tattoo scandal, he replied "Are you kidding me? Let me be clear. I just hope the coach doesn’t dismiss me?”

3. Saying that Notre Dame was never invited to join the Big Ten because "those damn Catholics" can never be trusted

I mean, I'd run through a brick wall for this guy. Clearly has a great head on his shoulders. Never says anything overly inappropriate, but everything is always 100% hilarious. This is who I want to be when I grow up. A report showed that he made $1.9 million at Ohio State in 2011.....and he ran up $1.7 million in expenses that same year. He expensed $64,000 on bowties and $532 for a shower curtain in his $1.3 million renovation of the president's house. I love this guy.

And nothing he said here about college football changes that. Dr. E Gordon Gee says West Virginia is going to play college football this season, even if he needs to suit up himself. At 76 years old, Gordon Gee is willing to run his brittle old bones out of the tunnel just so the fine people of West Virginia can see their Mountaineers play on Saturday.

The world needs more people like Gordon Gee. Now so more than ever. Forget that Gee falls literally in the middle of the most dangerous category of people that are suspectible to the coronavirus. Somethings are bigger than that right now......like football. It takes just as much money and effort to be optimistic as it does to be pessimistic right now. Tell the people we're playing!!!