This Guy Not Defending His Dog From A Rogue Goose Is The Softest Move Of All Time

What a coward. What an absolute coward. If your dog is in trouble you save it period end of story. It doesn't matter if it's got a thorn in its paw or it gets swept under the ice on a frozen river, you save it. You take that thorn out and jump in after it. Why? Because that's exactly what your dog would do for you. I'm going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was going inside to get a shotgun to blow that gooses head off, but still, it's a tough look. He should've wound up and cracked it directly in the face like that Australian dude did with the kangaroo...

At the very least he should've picked his dog up and run inside. 

I've always wondered why people are so afraid of geese. Those and swan. The most vulnerable part of their bodies (their neck) is five feet long. Just grab it and snap in half if you're that afraid. Regardless, it's going be an awkward next couple walks between that guy and his dog. Hopefully they can work it out.