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HBO Put Out A Sopranos Dictionary Video & It's Impossible To Keep A Straight Face During It


I don't wanna go too over board with this, but I'll put that first minute talking about the gabagool against any minute in stand-up comedy there ever was. I'll put it against George Carlin. I'll put it against Dave Chapelle. I'll put it against Richard Pryor. Hell, I'd even be confident in it over my favorite speech ever from the unparalled Mr. Softee episode of Curb. James Gandolifini saying gabagool > Yari saying he is the Steinbrenner.

I also gotta give credit to where credit is due on HBO's forefront. It's about time they've finally seen what kind of a cultural impact the Sopranos still has in 2020 and is fully buying into it. There's simply no way a video like this was getting made 5 years ago, but now with this Gabagool-essaince going on ya gotta do stuff like this. I think it's similar to the cast of Friends really buying into Friends again as of late. That shit ended in 2004 and for YEARS every single one of them would be so anti-reunion or even Friends talk on any talk show or whatever yet once it took its talents over to Netflix and they saw STILL how big it was they bought right back in. It's almost as people still like good shit whether it's in 1999 or 2020. Shocking stuff...I know.

And my final compliment has to go to the editor of this video. Starting with Gabagool & ending with the Oh's! is award-winning stuff. Start off hot, close strong. RE2PECT.