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Pour One Out For The Drew League Who Officially Cancelled Their 2020 Season

I think we can all agree that this news isn't all that surprising, but that doesn't mean it's not disappointing. I don't think I'm alone in saying I love watching the Drew League every summer, it's something I've always wanted to attend in person. The environment seems so awesome and the quality of play is actually pretty damn good. I love every summer seeing NBA guys lace em up and go at one another, so the fact that Big Rona has taken this from us this summer sucks. As long as the city is on lockdown and everything, I'm not sure what their options were. From the sounds of it, CA isn't close to being open so really what choice did they have.

I am curious though, if the NBA calendar is going to be pushed back and lets say they all go to Disney World or something, can we maybe just have the Drew League there after the season? Obviously you'd have to figure out the testing and all that shit, and this is probably not even close to feasible but I dunno I'm just spitballing ways where one of the best "summer" basketball traditions can keep going. Things are already going to feel weird enough this NBA offseason, not having the Drew League feels even weirder. The Drew League is summer basketball in my opinion. 

So now that we know we won't be getting the real thing this summer, we may as well pay tribute to this awesome league with a shit ton of highlights. Man, I really need to find my way to LA once this starts back up again.