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This Dude With One Leg Has A Fantastic Golf Swing

This will be quick because I just wanted to give this dude a shoutout. What a swing! Pretty much everybody out there with two legs would take a swing like that in a heart beat. Love his attitude, too. Just like, "Yeah I got one leg and I'm always gonna have one leg some I might as well make the best of it." I stand in awe of people who have such great perspective like that. 

And yes I will of course take this opportunity to say that he has gotta be so much better at golf than me. Like soooooooo much better. I have two legs and that dude would WHOOP me I'm sure of it. We've talked about it on Fore Play that there is a blind golfer out there who would absolutely beat me in a match and now we've found a guy with one leg who would also absolutely beat me in a match. I don't want to become the guy who gets beat in golf matches by a blind guy and a guy with one leg but once quarantine is over I might have to become that guy.