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Do You Believe In Miracles? After Being DQ'd For Having Trash WiFi Connection, Two-Time World Champion Dart Slinger Gary Anderson Is Officially BACK!!!

Skysports - Two-time world champion Gary Anderson has resolved his wifi troubles and will take part in the PDC Home Tour.

The Flying Scotsman had previously pulled out of the competition, citing connectivity troubles at his home. He will join the action on Saturday night as the last four groups of the tournament have been confirmed.

Previously on Gary Anderson Trying To Figure Out How To Get On The Internet...

Just when you thought that two-time world champ Gary Anderson was going to be sidelined for the entire PDC Home Tour, buddy calls up the Geek Squad at the final moment and gets himself back into the mix at the final moment. I mean what a win this is for whoever Gary Anderson's version of All Business Pete is. Could you imagine if at any point over the last 5 years the Golden State Warriors had to miss the NBA Finals because their internet was from 1995? You'd never be able to crown a true champion if that were the case. The same way you'd never be able to crown a true PDC champion without Gary Anderson in the mix. But the Geek Squad got it done and now the G Dawg is back. 

And now I guess this is the world we live in. A world in which internet connectivity is something that will be popping up on sports injury reports from now on. I don't know if shitty WiFi counts as an upper body injury or a lower body injury, so we'll have to wait until the hockey season for that. But all I know for sure is that shitty wifi is one of those injuries that will linger. They might put you down for day-to-day on the official report but shitty internet can stick with you for an entire season or even the rest of your career. Just when you think you've finally reset your router for the final time and have everything set up perfectly, it craps out on you again and you're stuck with the spinning wheel of death. Absolutely infuriating. So again, the fact that Gary Anderson's ABP was able to get him back up and running for this tournament is one of the most miraculous moments in sports history. 

You just have to feel terrible for the rest of the field, though. These sorry bastards thought that they'd be spared from the humiliation and domination they'd face from Gary Anderson as he'd buffer his way out of the tournament. But now that he's up and running with speeds so fast he could download "The Irishman" on Limewire in under 2 hours? It's over for those bitches.