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Wake Up With Artie Lange Vs Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo

This is strangely enough one of my favorite pieces of Artie Lange radio. It came right after the infamous Joe Buck appearance in 2009. He was getting a ton of shit from traditional radio so he went on and Mad Dog Russo's show and went off. Russo tried say he wasn't funny and Artie just tore him apart. I have nothing but respect for people who can defend themselves in the moment. As someone who's been ripped apart on radio before, it's a lot harder to do than it looks. 

There three best types of radio are: 

1. Confrontational radio (my favorite). The hosts aren't afraid to disagree with each other and get out of their confront zone. The conversation leaves no stone unturned and all parties understand that whatever is said is for CONTENT. 

2. Informational radio. The hosts are well informed on whatever current events/topics they're talking about.

3. Comedic radio. Hosts can talk about whatever the hell they want because they're actually funny. 

Have a great Thursday.