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Not Gonna Lie, The MLS - Yes, The MLS - Has An AWESOME Plan To Restart The Season

[The Athletic] - The sources said the exact way that a competition would be structured isn’t yet clear. It would likely include some type of round-robin format followed by knockout matches and a consolation bracket that would ensure that all teams play the same number of games. It’s also unclear how the league would make the matches meaningful — sources mentioned counting them toward regular season standings, awarding the champion the CONCACAF Champions League berth usually given to the winner of the U.S. Open Cup and a cash prize as possibilities. 

I know all these leagues are throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks with the restart plan but I was reading about this from the MLS and I gotta say, HELL. YES. This is awesome. This is by far the best one I've heard that actually has a chance of happening. 

Why? I've said it so many times now. You put any sort of tournament on my TV and you're going to have my attention. This sounds like a little MLS World Cup in a way. Putting the teams in groups and then having a knockout round. Yeah, you're giving me daytime sports and a tournament? I don't ask for more than that. 

That's why I want the NBA to return with a play-in tournament going right into playoffs. Just give me some sort of meaningful event right off the bat. Yeah, I get that regular season games are important, but when you know a tournament lasts 4 weeks and there's an end in sight, you can say that team won. We've missed so much already, just give me that sort of feeling again. 

Just give me anything like this. I don't care at this point. Yeah, I know people have to be healthy and that's step 1. I get that. But selfishly I just want to watch sports and have that tournament feel again. That's why this is the best restart plan I've heard yet from strictly an on field shit. Plus, FC Cincinnati was silly that one year in the US Open and that was awesome. Don't let them get hot in a tournament setting.