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JJ Redick Said Melo Froze Him Out Of The Jordan Brand Game Because He Was Pissed JJ Won MVP At The McDonald's Game

You know what? I don't blame Melo one bit here. Sure JJ Redick has become way more tolerable and even a bit, dare I say, cool now in the NBA. But do you remember high school JJ Redick? Do you remember Duke JJ Redick? 

That guy fucking sucked. He was and still is one of the most hatable college hoopers of our era. The stupid cut off shirt under the jersey. The fact you had him and K together. Just gross. So yeah I don't blame Melo one bit. In fact I side with Melo here. 

Not to mention JJ won the MVP at the McDonald's Game prior. There are plenty of debates about the McDonald's roster to begin with as it tends to favor certain schools or certain connections. But then you have this guy out here scoring 26 in a game that featured Melo, Amar'e, Bosh and Dee Brown. 

I just never thought I'd hear JJ Redick compared to Michael Jordan. Who else has gotten frozen out of an All Star Game besides these two? The only difference is JJ didn't care. Not to mention he did shoot like shit in the Jordan Brand game. But I love that he just never brought it up to Melo. That's something to sit on when you've been a pro for 12 years and probably played against Melo 50 times. The quote is laugh out loud funny too:

"What was told to me by two different guys on the team was that Melo was going around telling people JJ's not getting the MVP again. I'm taking every shot. If you look at the box score, I'm just saying. I'm just saying."

Picture Melo just doing this every time the ball went near JJ: