Justin Thomas Is On The Cover Of PGA Tour 2K21, They Dropped Another Trailer And The Game Has A Release Date

Here we go. We're finally getting more details about PGA Tour 2K21 and folks.......they're good. 

The new details are as follows: 

- Comes out August 21, 2020

- Our guy Justin Thomas on cover

- 12  PGA Tour pros will be featured

- Riviera and Sawgrass are among 15 PGA Tour courses

 - Course Designer and MyPlayer modes

- Luke Elvy, Rich Beem are the broadcasters

- Titleist, Callaway, and Taylormade equipment

That is a list of very very very good things if you love golf video games. We talked about it on Fore Play but we had our fingers crossed that there were going to be PGA Tour pros involved and boom there's PGA Tour pros involved. That's HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. Our friend and podcast guest Justin Thomas is on the cover and that's one hell of a start for having PGAA Tour pros involved in the game. On top of that they've got a bunch of PGA Tour courses, real life commentators, MyPlayer mode and course designer mode which will be fun as hell to experiment with. I honestly can't wait for this.

Another thing we talked about it on a Fore Play like a week ago when the first 2K trailer dropper outta NOWHERE was that I haven't been into a golf video game for a very long time. I was obviously obsessed with the Tiger Woods video games but somewhere along the line I wasn't having as much fun anymore while playing them and gave it up completely. Well it looks like PGA Tour 2K21 is out to change all of that and pull me back in. No joke I ordered an Xbox One last night. Partly because I see all my pals like Smitty and Glenny Balls and Bob Fox playing COD and it looks super fun but also because I knew a brand spankin' new golf video game was gonna be coming down the pipe and I thought the first trailer was good enough to force me to buy a new gaming system. Well after the second trailer I can confirm that I was correct. August 21 can't come soon enough.

Cograts to JT on the cover, by the way. That's really fucking cool.

(eyeball emoji) 5th major? TPC Deere Run?