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Wake Up With Clocks


Do people still pretend to not like Coldplay? It was the cool thing to do after 40 Year Old Virgin came out, but are people still acting like Coldplay isn't incredible? I'd like to think most people have dropped that bit, but if not, it's time. 

Speaking of that scene though,



Can you imagine using "gay" in a negative connotation in a movie today? 40 Year Old Virgin came out in 2005. Not that long ago! My entire childhood through college and after "gay" was used regularly as an insult. Now I can't even remember the last time I saw it used like that, nevermind in a mainstream movie. 

But any way, Coldplay is great and I imagine a concert with Chris Martin going bananaham on the piano would be an incredible experience. Definitely on the to-do list when they let us out of our cages. 

Happy Thursday, everyone. Make it count.