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Am I Typing This Blog By Choice Or Because I Was Predetermined To?

***Minor "Devs" Spoilers Ahead***

I just finished bingeing the show "Devs" on Hulu. It's written/directed by the same guy who did "Ex Machina" and stars Nick Offerman (yes, that Nick Offerman) as a tech genius/overlord who runs a secret department called "Devs". I don't want to give away what the show is about, but basically it's about free will vs choice. And I'll tell you what, I'm obsessed with the concept. 

"Devs" dives deep into the age old question- free-will vs determinism. Do we make the choices we make because we can decide to, or does it only feel that way, but every choice we make is already determined for us? Is everything we do mapped out, or can we choose our own path? Am I typing these words literally right now because I want to, or because I have to? Are you reading these words out of choice, or because one thing led to another that led to another that brought you to these words? 

Before I go deeper into "Devs", one last question to ponder-  what is reality, really? It's like in the Matrix- would you rather live in the real world and be at war with the robots, or have your memory wiped clean and live in the Matrix and not even know it? Is reality just what you make of it, or is the only real reality real life? What if we're in a sim right now and don't know it...or what if YOU are in a sim and we're all projections of your sim and there's no way you could know it? What if I'm in the sim and I'm literally typing about what I'm in without knowing it? 






(Seriously, if you want to watch the show, stop now)





My favorite part of Devs, however, was the technology aspect where they could travel back into time and see the simulations of historical events. Poor Lyndon, who actually figured it all out, and then was fired and pushed to kill himself. The fact they went from watching a grainy Marilyn Monroe sex tape to watching the JFK assassination and then going all the way back to dinosaurs, I loved it. What was weird is I wanted more of that sort of thing, even though in reality I know it's not real, it kept me fascinated. 

Overall, I thought the show was a solid 8.0/10. I found myself not really caring too much about Lily's relationship issues, I wanted more of the Devs stuff. The multi-world stuff. And poor freakin' Lyndon, who by the way, in the show is a teenage boy played by a smoke...a female smoke.