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Wake Up With Vladamir Guerrero Jr's First Career Bomb In Toronto

Everyone loves Toronto's thicc son, myself included. I also don't think I know anyone who hates his papa, Vlad Sr. Like no one is going to their grave despising the Orioles legend. We all knew that Vlad Jr was gonna be a stud, and his path to the big leagues was talked about and followed very closely all over social media and throughout baseball. His minor league bombs were basically porn. Nothing has really changed as he stepped into the bigs and continued dropping bombs. His first 4 bombs were all on the road, but he finally got one in front of the home fans against the Red Sox. Dead center homer isn't a bad way to get your first in your ballpark. He'll be one of the most exciting players to watch for the next 10 years, no doubt about it. 

PS. The foghorn or whatever Toronto blows for a home run suckssssssss