UFC Fighter Goes Berserk On Opponent In Hotel Lobby For Missing Weight, Tries To Fight Him

UFC Middleweight Karl Roberson hit the scales 1.5lbs over the 186lb limit yesterday in Jacksonville for his scheduled bout against Marvin Vettori, and after being transported to a local hospital because of a weight-cut related sickness he was enduring, Roberson was unable to be cleared to fight.

The Italian, Vettori, clearly didn't take too kindly to this act of unprofessionalism from his opponent, and he just COMPLETELY snapped when he saw Roberson in the lobby of their hotel, trying to fight him right then and there while a security guard held him back. 

Side Note: I love holding people back from brawling every now and then. It's a hell of a rush!

Anyway, this whole incident just seems to be one of those 'straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back' scenarios. Vettori's been unsuccessfully trying to get fights booked for years now, and he's gone through tons of hurdles along the way, involving one of those shitty USADA suspensions where he wound up being in the right after all of the dust settled. Plus, apparently, his grandfather passed away a few days ago. Just read that unfortunate news on Twitter. You could see how a meltdown was imminent! Nothing happened, either, so it's not even that big a deal in my eyes. They're fighters. They're gonna try to fight.

Sometimes you just gotta let a buncha anger out in a hotel lobby. I get it man. Go smoke a joint and take a bath. That always calms me down.

UFC Jacksonville Prelims are starting now on ESPN+....

P.S. This is kinda like the 2020 version of "LET ME BANG BRO!", which may be the most classic/hilarious HARDOOOO moment in Ultimate Fighter history….