AAA Syracuse Chiefs Gave Away Free Tickets For Life To Fans Who Got Their Logo Tattooed Onto Them

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Syracuse - Mary Kelly of Syracuse had lived her 54 years without ever giving in to the feint notion of getting a tattoo anywhere on her body. “I wanted to get one when I was 50,” she said. “I decided not to. It was the type of tattoo. What would you get?” The Syracuse Chiefs answered that for her on Tuesday. Kelly was one of 36 Chiefs fans who got a team tattoo at Carmelo’s Ink City in exchange for free general admission to home games for life. The promotion was an overwhelming hit as fans started lining up outside NBT Bank Stadium at about noon to get one of the certificates for the ink art. By 6 p.m., the waiting rooms and hallways of Carmelo’s were overflowing with fans waiting their turn. Some, like Kelly, were getting their very first tattoo. Others added the Chiefs mark to a gallery already started. “I batted back and forth a couple of times. But why not?” Kelly said of pondering the decision. “This is cool. love the Chiefs. I’ve been a baseball fan all my life. It’s an extension of that.”

Everyone who is like “I don’t want a tattoo unless it means something” just got put in their place. You know what means something? Free tickets to a AAA baseball team. I bet season tickets are at least 300, maybe 400 dollars per year. And just like that, POOF!, money saved. The people I feel sorry for are the people who didn’t jump at this promotion. What else are they going to do during the summer in upstate New York? Minor league baseball or bust. Plus, think about how wet the girls will get when they find out you’re a big silly who can just flash a sick tat and stroll into MiLB game. Such a smooth first date move, walking in, showing your bad boy tat, giving the ushers a head nod, and taking your seat among the hundreds of other fans in attendance.