Yard Sign for Morgyn's 18th Birthday Goes Horribly Wrong

What a hilariously unfortunate confluence of circumstances which conspired to ruin Morgyn's 18th birthday.

Firstly, she had parents who were ahead of their time in using this 2020 alternative, trendy spelling of a normal name to include the word "orgy" in 2002. How nobody ever noticed that when writing it down the first couple times is beyond me.

And then there's obviously the lettering on this sign. I was under the impression when I first saw it that someone had pulled a prank by spray-painting the "orgy" black and adding that 18 and what appears to be a plus sign, but then once I saw that the "18th" was there to begin with, I'm not so sure. Maybe this poor girl just really has the worst parents of all-time. Either way, you have to remove this from the yard ASAP.

I said on a live stream with BlackJack and Lo Duca once that I'm a fan of alternative vowel usage in female names. Ashlee, Alli, Ansleigh: love it. But you have to be careful so you don't run into your classic "18+ orgy" scenario a few years down the line.

Poor Morgyn. I at least hope the cake was good.