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Prosecutors Release Video Of Mexican Marines Raiding El Chapo's Compound

I don't know what I was expecting when I clicked on that video, but that wasn't it. That was the most boring raid of all time. I guess that's a good thing because no one got hurt? But I was at least expecting some sort of action. Those guys pounded on the door for a half hour then waltzed into the room without a care in the world. It's no wonder he got away. If he had closed the trap door behind him they'd probably still be looking. The whole operation had the urgency of routine traffic stop. Maybe they were just afraid. I guess I would be too if I was hunting the most ruthless drug kingpin of all time. 

The inside of the house was just as boring as the outside. You had the entry way/kitchen/living room complete with a shitty folding table...

That led into a bedroom with a sheet-less mattress (Why do drug dealers never have sheets on their bed?)...

BUT THEN we get to bathroom which is where things get interesting. The video shows a propped open hydraulic tub that led to an escape tunnel. How much money would it take for you to walk down these stairs? 

You couldn't pay me enough. He also had a bunch of guns but who cares. El Chapo is currently serving a life sentence at ADX Florence. An "American federal prison that provides a higher level of custody than a maximum security prison. It is classed as a supermax or 'control unit' prison, where the safety of inmates and staff is paramount." It's located right next to a golf course if you ever want to check it out. 

Do you ever think about how some humans just aren't safe enough to be around other humans? Like there is an entire group of people that we literally have to lock behind bars because they'll fuck things up for the rest of us. It blows my mind. Anyway, that's all for this one. Thank God that dude is off the street.