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It's Time For America To Bring Back Carhops And Drive-In Movie Theaters

Everything in this world is cyclical. Things become "in" before eventually fading and falling out of style. And it's high time that two of those extinct trends of yesteryear come back in style: carhops and drive-in movie theaters. Right now a lot of restaurants are doing curb side pick up. Which is essentially carhopping without the roller-skates or 20 cent hamburgers. So, what I'm suggesting is to keep the traditional drive-thru ordering system we have right now but instead of pulling up to a window to collect your food you go park and relax for a minute. The very reason for drive-thrus is because we were in a rush. Well guess what, there's no fucking rush anymore. If you're in a rush during all of this you better be Dr, Fauci or someone else in the medical field. The other 99% of us are decidedly not in a rush anymore. So, let's get these waiters and waitress back in the paper hats and roller skates and turn every restaurant into Sonic like they used to be. We can stay socially distanced in our cars while having a little more entertainment in our lives watching people relearn how to roller skate while holding trays of food. That's brilliant idea number one. Number two? Dive-in movie theaters.

If Germany can figure out how to throw full blown raves in their cars

I don't see why we can't have drive-in movie theaters back in the mix. The entire film industry is in a bind right now. AMC doesn't know if they're going to survive once this is all said and done. "Trolls 2" was so successful by going onDemand that there's a bit of a stir behind the scenes wondering if the movie theater model is even necessary once Big Rona subsides. So why not get drive-ins back in the game? People are sick of being in their homes, want to get out back into the world but are still scared of getting sick and killing grandpa. Both of these ideas get folks out of the house while boosting business of industries trying to bide some time until this is all figured out. A rare win-win-win for everyone involved. It can be like the 1950s all over again with slightly less racism and no leather jacket wearing street toughs that sporadically break out into song for some reason. I'm not saying I necessarily deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for this blog but I wouldn't hate a nomination.