Rate Jaylen Brown's Travel Essentials

Is Jaylen the coolest Celtic ever? He might be. Just so fucking cool. A level of swag you and I cannot even dream of. Definitely gets it from his Grandpa, you see how cool that dude looked? But now to the point of this blog, Jaylen's essentials. A decent list for sure, I definitely rock with him on a couple of his choices so let's break it down. 

1. Tea

HUGE tea guy. Love me some tea. It's been a staple in the Greenie house my entire life. Growing up I lived that Rasberry Zinger life but recently I've been on a big time Bengal Spice kick. If you're a tea drinker, google Bengal Spice and enjoy. Top tier level tea flavor in my opinion. I'm not like Jaylen in that I drink it instead of coffee, my ass is addicted to the crack that is Dunkin coffee and always will be but I love a good late night tea with a snack. For example I just made some lemon bars the other day and have been plowing through that shit with some Bengal Spice. Elite level snack.

2. Chess Board

Personally. I'm much more of an Othello guy myself. Remember that shit? I think I got it for Hanukkah one year and have played no fewer than a billion Othello games in my day. I'd go with that over chess mostly because I am a moron and never took the time to actually learn how to play chess. Seems fun, but if given the chance I'm going Othello 10 times outta 10. 

3. Books

Little known fact about me when I travel. I always have the same book in my backpack in the event my phone/laptop die and I have something to do. But then planes got outlets and shit so I've opened it a grand total of 0 times. Reading is cool I guess, but not cooler than watching Netflix or listening to podcasts. Sorry if this offends. 

4. Record player

If we're being honest this is a rather outrageous thing to bring with you when you travel. I'm not hating on record players, I see the appeal, but who is lugging that shit around when you travel? Seems excessive. You throwing that in the overhead compartment? Under the seat? Carrying that shit all throughout an airport would be annoying as hell. 

5. Crystals

Didn't know Jaylen was a big crystal guy but whatever powers he gets from them are clearly working. Between the sage and the crystals Jaylen using the supernatural to make him a better basketball player is a big brain move and probably why he's having a breakout year after securing the bag.

Overall, this was about what I expected from Jaylen when it comes to his travel essentials. I give it a 8.2/10.