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Nurses Are Okay. The Real Unsung Heroes? Podcasters.

What does it mean to be a hero?  We see that word tossed around more and more each day, with each and every essential profession in these awful times has been labeled as an act of heroism. Well that is, all but one, the unheralded podcaster.

These poor postured, pasty preaching peoples work until the wee hours of the evening, upwards of 3 days a week, with the sole purpose of entertainment. They don't want the glory, and aren't asking for a round of applause everyday at 7pm. While other professions may crave that limelight and praise, the caster will sit in his/her basement conjuring up content, even if that means skipping a meal.

As much as I hate to pit two heroes against one another, I am going to pit two heroes against one another, and with a complete unbiased judgement, find out once and for all if one is just a bit more heroic.


I won't point fingers or name names, but one of my podcast co-hosts spends a lot of time in the hospital, due to being plagued with ringworm, and it is financially ruining him. Spending time with nurses can quite literally bankrupt a poor soul, without even a single BlueChew promo code to show for it. 

Podcasters on the other hand, work because they love to. The only payment, is your attention.

Nurses: 0

Casters: 1

Attention Seeking

Anybody with eyes could spot a nurse from miles away, and this is done intentionally. They walk around in hopes of getting honked at, or the local coffee purveyor to give them a free joe and a tip of the cap. With vibrant, matching jumpsuits, you can't miss them. Their garb is even a popular Halloween costume for college aged women who's main goal is attention.

Meanwhile, each day, the podcaster arises from their mattress on the ground to put on their oft worn Gildan comfort stretch charcoal full zip. They don't need to turn heads, nor do they want to. Their body doesn't pay the bills, their parents do. They intentionally blend in to society, and could be mistaken for any unemployed 30 year old, knowing that if recognized, the swarms of fans and praise would just be too much.

Nurses: 0

Casters: 2


As a successful podcaster myself, I never have time to focus on anything but the pod. Relationships, health, and hobbies are a thing of the past if you want your p-cast climbing up the ranks. 

As soon as I wake up, I immediately text my co-host "Good afternoon, let's get to work."

Nurses no doubt work brutal shifts, and that demands respect, but imagine a career that doesn't have shifts. The podcaster is always on the clock, finding ways to shoehorn in topical jokes and searching to find the most interesting of guests to respond "Wow, that's crazy" to.

Nurses: 0

Casters: 3


The well educated layperson could argue that everyday is podcasters day, but what makes it real is that it's in ink on a calendar. Nurses have their own day, and are showered with dusty stuffed animals and expired chocolates from the hospital gift shop inventory overflow, while podcasters sit empty handed, each and every day, expecting no gift nor glory. 

I'll let you be the judge to what is more admirable; working because people will immortalize you with a day, OR working because your work improves the greater good, even though you know theres no reward at the end of it. That sounds pretty heroic to me…

Nurses: 0

Casters: 4


Trust, the most important asset in any relationship. Without it, everything else crumbles. Imagine being a 6'4 blonde man from Mississippi, scrolling through TikTok, only to see your nurse from earlier that day, dancing and making a joke about your severely inverted penis. I can promise you Joe Rogan would never.

Nurses: 0

Casters: 5

After tallying the results, it seems like the podcaster just edges out the nurse when it comes to heroism. Does this mean that we drop everything to finally give these brave men and women the praise they have been neglected all these years? No. Because they're the type that don't want it. All they ask is that you find them where all other podcasts can be found, rate 5 stars, and build your next website using SquareSpace.