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MLB Should 10,000% Overturn The Terrible Botched Call And Award Armando Galarraga His Perfect Game


Yahoo - Now though, after nearly 10 years of what ifs and what should have beens, Galarraga is experiencing a change of heart of his own.

“I was like, what can I do to have a better finish to the story?” Galarraga recently told The Athletic. “How can Major League Baseball give me the perfect game? Because it was perfect, right?”

It was. We all saw it. But despite what we saw that evening, MLB has and likely forever will stick by Joyce’s call. Aside from the rare protested game, the league doesn't have a history of making retroactive changes. Doing so would only create a flood of similar requests over missed calls that may have changed outcomes of games and altered milestone moments.

That’s the reality of the situation, but that reality won't stop Galarraga from wishing.

“Why not? Why wait for so long? I don’t want to die, and then they’ll be like, ‘You know what, he threw a perfect game.'”

When asked if he’d support Galarraga’s push for MLB to change the call, Joyce said: “I agree with him. I agree. Because he did it.”


Yes, 100% yes MLB should do the right thing and credit Galarraga with a perfect game here. And I know, opposers can be like "well then you can look at a ton of missed calls and change them", to which I say no, you cannot, because this one happened on the final play of the game. There were 26 outs, and that was out 27. Clear as glass on a clear summer day, that was out number 27. Now if that happened in the 3rd innings, you have to let bygones be bygones. But because it was the final out, it can easily be corrected and Galarraga's name should be added to the perfect game record books.


Now, this guy brings up a great point:



Damn. What will we do about Trevor Crowe's at bat? I'm sure we can ask Trevor Crowe if he's ok with having his at bat struck from the record, but I'm almost positive he will be ok without his groundout to Brandon Inge being official. 

I gotta say though, a not talked enough villain in this situation is the runner, Jason Donald. Dude, take a breath! Guy was running like it was Pretzel Day at first base. I'd rather be able to tell people I was the final out of a perfect game, not I was the guy who ruined it. Thankfully Jim Joyce was there to bail him out.

Do I expect MLB to overturn it? No, not at all. But should they? Absolutely yes. Let him get his place in history while he is still alive. I could see it being overturned posthumously when people start using their brains, so might as well do it now while he can feel the satisfaction of it.