YOU Could Be The New Owner Of This Arkansas Sex Dungeon!

I've often wondered what the resale value is one BDSM outfitted homes, and I now see that it is QUITE low. As a former Real Estate professional, I feel like I can help by breaking this down into a pro's and con's list. 


- The craftsmanship is impeccable on the staircase. What is that, Walnut? The owner must be a master at working wood.
- I would guess that this home is close to a lot of essential businesses like a leather tanner for all your upholstery needs, a magicians emporium and probably a mall with 2 different Spencer's Gifts locations. 
- High quality spanking table and St. Andrews cross included if you choose to buy with furnishings!


- They definitely didn't get construction permits for that spiral staircase or bar, and that is going to set you back big time
- It's not exactly kid friendly, unless you count the millions of kids you would find if you ran a blacklight across the dungeon
- Until the previous owners update their address, you may get their mail and/or mysterious visitors in the night expecting bi-monthly orgy appointments

If you're looking to buy or browse, look no further!