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Charles Barkley Says He 'Doesn't Give A Shit About The NCAA' As He Talks About Committing Possible Violations And Skipping Class At Auburn

Goodman had Barkley and his coach at Auburn on his podcast and let me tell you, you'll be shocked to know Barkley doesn't give a shit about the NCAA. He says that line as he's talking about being over his coach's house all the time, which is of course a violation. You think Charles Barkley cares about any NCAA violations committed in the 80s? 

Oh and that line from Barkley's coach that every player and every college receives something besides a scholarship? OF COURSE THEY DO. This has been happening since the 80s, even the 70s and even the 60s. It's been happening forever. Whether it's benefits or money or whatever, it always happens. Just glad to have someone else saying this. 

Is there anything less surprising than Barkley just dipping out on class though? That man led the SEC in rebounding all three years he was at Auburn. He turned himself into an unreal NBA player obviously. You think he's going to sit there and listen to History 101? No, he's got better things to do. Shit, how many times did you skip out on that 8am class? Love listening to Barkley stories. 

What I do disagree with Barkley though is the talk about NIL. He doesn't like it because 1) he thinks there will be resentment among players and 2) he thinks it will get rid of creative balance. First, who cares about player resentment? The better people in any job, career, whatever always gets more benefits. That's just called life. He's also only strictly talking about jersey sales which there is WAY more to get paid on NIL. Second, uhh creative balance? The last true major hoops program to win the NCAA Tournament was UNLV. They are the last non-major conference team. In college football you're talking about the same 10 teams every year. There has NEVER been competitive balance in college sports. It's the biggest fake thing in the world when people talk about ruining competition or fairness.