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Video Of James Charles Teaching Young YouTubers How To Give A Fake Apology Is As Cringeworthy As It Sounds

Source -  Beauty guru and YouTube creator James Charles is well-versed in the apology video, a staple of YouTube culture that many of the platform’s top personalities have had to film, and he’s passing along those skills to a new generation of wannabe influencers.

In a recent episode of his YouTube Premium competition series Instant Influencer, Charles gives a group of aspiring beauty stars a new challenge: create an apology video that is believable and won’t end up torn to shreds by the popular commentators who often keep YouTube’s community in check. 

"Apologize correctly, and fans may not turn their backs, declaring a YouTuber instantly canceled. Come off fake, rude, or arrogant, and face the wrath of a community deciding all at once to burn said creator at the metaphorical stake. Apologizing is something that’s more than likely going to happen," James warns, so it’s best to prepare now.

The Video: 

You know what? I'm not even mad. That video was by far the most genuine piece of content James Charles has ever put out. "You want to learn how to be a YouTube sensation, henny? Then you better master the fake apology!" They all did too, every single one of them fake cried on camera just like James...

He was so proud he looked like a dad who just watched his son hit his fist home run in little league.

Let's not forget, James has had some controversy himself. Last year he was outed as allegedly posing as a female online to solicit dick pics from straight guys. He has also been accused of pressuring guys into hooking up with him and using his fame to "manipulate sexuality."  All this lead to a loss of 3 million YouTube subscribers, millions of dollars in ad revenue and, you guessed it, an apology video which should've won him an Oscar for best actor in a drama series...

You can make fun of the guy if you want, but at the end of the day he's a twenty year old kid who built a $12 million beauty empire from his bedroom. I've personally never been a fan, but if he keeps putting out videos like "how to do a fake apology" I might become one.