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Bryson DeChambeau Posted A Good Ol' Fashioned Thirst Trap On Instagram


Get some BD! Yeah I know we've had our little dust ups with Bryson in the past but if you don't think I'm gonna gas up* my guy's thirst trap on instagram you're crazy. Dude looks like a fucking BEAST in that thirst trap. Shred city. Obviously Bryson has been transforming his body over the last year or so by putting on a ton of muscle to try and hit the golf ball further but the guy looks like he's been sculpted outta granite. And he put it to Justin Bieber's 'Yummy'????? Oooooo weeeeeeeee! I don't know what his current relationship status is but his DMs are gonna be filled to the brim. He's gonna be swimming through those DMs like Scrooge McDuck swims through gold coins. Good for him.

*Always gas up your boys' accomplishments, including thirst traps. I learned that from Uncle Chaps.

He wasn't lying about the abs

Bryson putting on his own little audition to be in the next ESPN Body Issue? Could be.