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Wake Up With The Blazers/Nuggets 4OT Thriller

For anyone who thinks the NBA should just shut down and cancel the rest of their season (cough cough..Shaq), show them this video. Stuff like this is why we need sports and why we need the NBA Playoffs to happen in some shape or form. You get all time moments like this, and this was only Game 3 of the second round! Just your casual 4 OT thriller, no big deal. A game that saw Nikola Jokic play 65 minutes (!!!!!) and throw up 33/18/14. Jamal Murray played 55 minutes and had 34/9/5. On the Portland side Dame/CJ combined to play 118 minutes and score 69 points. All for the game to ultimately be decided by a "fresh" Rodney Hood. 

This had to be one of the most exciting games in recent playoff history, and why I'll never understand when people try to discredit playoff performances that weren't in the Finals or didn't result in a ring. It's hard to find a more entertaining playoff game than what we got last year around this time. This is why I'm still holding out hope and the positive news yesterday from the league is giving me the strength to keep going.

Games like this are in our future and that's a good thing because there is nothing and I mean nothing like playoff basketball.