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All It Took Was One Video Of Jaromir Jagr Catching Tires On A Hockey Stick For Me To Be Convinced He's Ready For Another NHL Comeback

I defy anyone to watch that video and not immediately think to themselves "ya know what? I bet Jags still has another season or two left in him". 

And it's ridiculous because if it were anybody else, nothing about this video would prove that the person being filmed could play in the National Hockey League. All they're doing is catching tires on a hockey stick and we have no idea how much each of those tires weigh. I mean you can watch the way they travel through the air and make a rough estimate. Maybe 5lbs or so? Who knows.

But since it's Jagr, I already have him down for 15 goals and 35 points in 63 games next season playing a limited role somewhere. A few 5v5 minutes here and there but mostly just a powerplay specialist. And if I were Gary Bettman, I'd be trying to bump that timetable up a little bit and figure a way to get him back into the league for the remainder of 2019-20. 

Jaromir Jagr is the answer. That is how you return to playing and crown a 2020 Stanley Cup Champion. He is Hockey Hercules. The gods are with him. Find a way to bring him back for one last go around and that is how you save the season. The rest of it will just take care of itself. 

P.S. - I don't understand the point of this video but what I do know is that Jaromir Jagr 100% wheeled.