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Udonis Haslem - While Wearing A Stone Cold Shirt - Says He Will Throw Hands With Michael Jordan

People always wondered how the hell did Udonis Haslem stick in the league? The guy is still playing for the Heat after joining them in 2003 - a year after he played overseas. You know why? It's because of things like this. Haslem is the ultimate glue guy and sometimes that means you have to throw hands with the all-time greats. You don't think Haslem ever warned Wade, Bosh or LeBron? 

Haslem was born Miami, went to high school in Miami, somehow chose Florida over Miami for college, and then I assume he told David Stern he would only play for the Miami Heat after playing overseas. Because UD is Miami, and stories like this show exactly why.

Well, to a degree I should say. He did go a bit Stephen A. Smith with the 'h word' and 'b word'. Dude you can say ho and bitch. Those words are allowed. I love hearing that Udonis wouldn't take Jordan's shit. You need to be able to stand up. That's just part of what Jordan wanted. Remember Cartwright threatened to end Jordan's career with how he was talking shit to him? It works.

I would have loved to hear a story that someone went to Miami and just tried to bully Udonis Haslem. You don't bully UD, he bullies you. That's just what happens when someone has the state of Florida tattooed on his back.