For The First Time During Quarantine, The NBA Has Given Us A Timetable On Their Decision To Return

When this quarantine first started, there was no end in sight. No light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, the whole thing was sort of up in the air and we all committed to just riding this thing out for as long as it took. In a blink of an eye, two months have gone by. During those two months we've wondered when leagues were going to start to make decisions about returning or calling it quits. Some have started to come back, but the big boys, the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL still leave us guessing. Every single day we all refresh our phones and timelines like it's the trade deadline or free agency. Every Woj or Sham notification to your phone sends a chill down your spine. Will this tweet be the one that cancels the season? Will it be the one announcing the season has been saved? Oh it's just a RT of some podcast episode? God dammit.

What we can say though, is that with each passing day things continue to trend in the right direction of a return later this summer. Way more positive tweets coming out than shit that would make you think seasons are cancelled. That picture is becoming more clear in a sense that we now have a timeframe of a decision. Early to mid June, that's what we have to make it to until we'll know one way or the other. Fine by me, it's already May 12th, practically May 13th. I can knock out 2-4 weeks in my sleep. Now I fully accept the reality that this very well might get pushed back again once we get to June, but there's something optimistic about the league publicly declaring a timetable that I can't ignore. 

That means they're close. Or at least getting closer. You don't put a 2-4 week timetable unless you are making real progress. Hopefully the conclusion we get is what we all want to hear, but this is another step in the right direction and more ammo for those of us still holding out hope. 

Cross your fingers and your toes, and let's all help one another get to mid June.