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A Bunch Of NBA Superstars Jumped On A Call Together, Now All The Owners And Adam Silver Sure Sound Confident The Season Will RETURN

If you want basketball to return this is exactly what you want to see. You have all these superstars hopping on a private call together to form some 'united front'. That's important. You can't have LeBron and Chris Paul saying yeah let's do this and Kawhi and Steph saying no. You want the biggest names on the same side- no matter what side it is. That's going to dictate how this goes. So that call happened Monday. Tonight we got this: 

That's pretty confident to be putting it out and the way Shams/Woj phrase it all. The key is that it's going to return. How it returns, who knows? We could see them going right to the playoffs, which the teams that suck are cool with. Put them in the lottery right now. We could see a play-in tournament which is my personal favorite. I want to see some sort of reward (no idea if you could do an advance and get more ping pong balls or whatever) for this. But give me competitive win or go home scenarios. 

The other thing is what Woj said. There is a chance we'll see more positive results. I'm not going to get too much into that because frankly there are smarter people in the world to talk about chances of a second wave or any shit like that. But if there are asymptomatic players testing positive, it's not just going to shut the league down again. They have to be smart about this. Obviously the first thing is safety for all involved. But they aren't going to rush back just to shut it down again. 

The next is the 'bubble' we've seen them talk about. It sure sounds like the leading candidate is going to Vegas or Disney World, putting everyone up in the same 'dorm' and really limiting who is where. That alone is going to be content worthy if we get storylines out of that. 

But the fact is we're getting closer to the NBA returning. That's awesome. I want sports, I'm not going to lie. It's also not that shocking for me to say that. This is a massive step and again maybe I'm just reading too much into the wording here, but it's given me a bigger relief that we're going to see hoops this summer.