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Auburn Fan Says She Owns Way Too Much Orange And Blue For College Football Season To Be Cancelled

At this point, you've either bought in on the social distancing game plan or not. So, our Auburn fan here isn't going to change anything massive for you, but sometimes you need a kick in the ass. Maybe you were considering going to a place where you weren't going to be able to socially distance. Well, this is your reminder that this pandemic is much bigger than you. Ainsleigh has way too many orange and blue clothes for the college football season not to happen. You don't know what that pressure feels like.  Don't even pretend like you do. Go back to your couch and turn on Netflix. Flatten that curve, baby. 

I said this on Twitter, but I was shocked Ainsleigh didn't read me a bible verse at the end of this. John 6:9..."remember the kick six." Also, Ainsleigh? That's the most SEC girl name I've ever heard in my life. Guys like Brodie Croyle & Sawyer Smith were named to be SEC QBs. Ainsleigh was born to attend an SEC school.