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LIVE Movie Trivia: Can You Answer These Hard Comic Book Movie Questions?



To play along with the actual game, watch the YouTube video above, but here were our questions from the two challenges in Episode 002 of LCB Movie Trivia Night last week!

The answers will be at the bottom!

With the win, KenJac and Brandon Davis (our guest from moved to 3-0 and have an aggregate question score of 42-18… which… is pretty fucking good!

They're back tonight LIVE on Twitter at 8|7c (CLICK HERE) with the episode re-airing as an On-Demand option here on Barstool Sports and on the Lights Camera Barstool YouTube page tomorrow.

You can also sign-up to take the guys on in these categories: Comic Book Movies, Star Wars, and General Movies (the regular movie trivia will debut in two weeks!) Sign-up here…

Here were the right answers to all 48 questions…

See you tonight!