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The President Invented Flexing On Camera For People To See

May 12, 1903 - Teddy Roosevelt becomes the first president to be filmed doing official presidential duties - in this case that would be rolling deep in a parade thrown specifically for his arrival. Teddy's crew included 9th Calvary Regiment, and a large secret service presence walking along side the president's carriage because ... well, the previous president got shot twice in the stomach, so Vice President Roosevelt was now President Roosevelt. 

Historic accounts say Teddy Roosevelt LOVED being in front of the camera, and that he was great being in front of one. This, and the fact that he lived for adrenaline, made him the ideal president to be the first fully documented on film. The Wonton Don's weekly history series just so happens to be on Theodore Roosevelt, The Grandfather of Grit, and shows you what made Teddy so entertaining.