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Here's Vol. 5 Of RA's Quarantine Mailbag

(FYI Questions are in this font, answers are in italics. Fucking space thing sucks.)

Hey RA,
With the Jets and Big Buff finally parting ways, do you think that he’ll resurface with another team next year or is Buff done to enjoy fishing and hunting? 

Larry -obviously a fan from Winnipeg.

If there's one thing I've learned about Big Buff from interviewing his various pals and teammates over the years, it's that nobody knows what Buff will do next. Selfishly, I'd love to see him back in the league whenever the next season is. He just walked away from $14M and is now an unrestricted free agent (he can't sign with a team until the '20-'21 season). Why sever all ties and leave that $ on the table if not to have employment freedom? But Buff could just as easily fish and father for the next 40 years and not think twice about the last two years of his deal. Whatever he does, I'm sure it's best for him. He's already given the game everything. If he's done, it was a treat. The guess here after is after 1000+ pro games (including playoffs), a Cup, the toll on his body, his young family, and what will be a 1.5 year layoff from the NHL for Dustin Byfuglien and I'm gonna say we never hear from again until (hopefully) it's on a certain podcast. 


In honor of the terrible trash can dump, I've got to ask this.

What was your most memorable toilet?

We’ve all had that one thrown where everything just makes sense. I’ve had a few over the years, and one of them being my bosses bathroom right before he gets to work. Please stay safe during this, and hope y’all aren’t going to crazy. If you are ever in Colorado let me know! We tried to see you during the shit show that was the stadium series, but couldn’t due to traffic. I’d love to hear some stories


Sent from my Porcelain Palace.

Mark, the Stadium Series was tough. I hope the league learned from that. Anyways, I have the distinction of working for arguably the two most-hated state agencies in existence: the DSS and the RMV (first day of work: 9/10/01). The RMV HQ, for reasons still unexplained, was then located on the top floors of office space at Copley Place, one of the most expensive malls in Boston (I'm sure there was a very Massachusetts reason). So working there, aside from working there, was actually not bad. The Back Bay/South End has plenty of good eats. Plenty of bars. Alleys to blaze in. And fancy hotels with nice shitters just off the lobby. Namely, the Park Plaza. I'd occasionally plan my lunches around it. More often than not, it was the highlight of my day.

If you could play in any major sports league other then the NHL or other hockey league and adopt their lifestyle, training habits etc. which league would you choose to play in and why?



Oh, definitely a Major League Baseball player. In a fucking heartbeat. They make bank. Don't have to sacrifice their bodies as much. A union that runs the show (just don't do steroids/HGH and you're good). Tons of downtime so I would crush more Roku than I already do now. Go somewhere warm for winter. Probably read more. Baseball Annies in (at least) 30 cities. Pull a George Brett and get hitched after you retire. On your pile of money. With your ability to walk because you didn't pick NFL. Too bad I sucked and didn't even play Babe Ruth. 

Hi RA...
    Not a goofy question but a real one... lol. 
   I've been watching a bunch of NHL games from the past lately.  The home teams wearing their white jerseys looks way better than them wearing their dark jerseys. I was wondering what your thoughts were? Im a season ticket holder for the Winnipeg Jets. We see the same colors every game. Blue and white. It would be great to see white and Boston brown and gold. Or Detroit red. Or Ranger blue.



When I grew up watching the Bs, they were always in white and it's tough to separate those tough-as-hell '70s and '80s teams from the Boston Garden. Opponents knew they were in for a game on Causeway Street. And the Bs would be coming in hard wearing their home whites. So I'm partial to white at home for nostaligia reasons but also for the reason you raise---as a STH, you'd at least get to see different road jerseys coming in every night instead of white. It's not the end of the world but it's certainly more visually appealing when you're spending an arm and a leg.

What's up RA...
Being a Philly guy, I've been desperate for a Flyers cup my whole life and this finally seemed like a year that we could turn the corner. Since November the Flyers have had the second most points in the league and have been great against Boston and the Metropolitan, but I feel like didn't get enough respect. With AV behind the bench, a bunch of good veterans, the best young goalie in the game, and Kevin fuckin Hayes. What do you think the realistic chance is we could have made a cup run? (Had $20 on Flyers +3500 too)
Pretty good chance, man. I'll tell you right now, I'm glad the only the way the Bs could meet up with them is in the Wales Finals (as of the pause). Philly was looking the best they have in probably years and were shaping up to be a pretty tough out in the first round. And they always bring their best vs. Boston (and likewise for the Bs).

Carter Hart would get his baptism by fire but looks up to the task. He woudn't have to steal every game, just need to keep them in the game. They have a pretty solid roster that can score. Some sandpaper. Hayesy is on the cusp of being a full-blown folk hero, the type a long playoff run would ensure. AV is a good coach that the team seems to like. Yeah, Philly fans aren't being unrealistic when they dream of a Cup run. It ain't over yet, hang in there. (Yes, Philly gets a bad rap.)

Hey rear ad,

I know you’re a huge stones fan. I’ve been listening to them quite I bit, going from album to album. I was wondering (not sure if you’ve already done it before) if you could rank your favorite stones albums. I know they have a ton out there so top 5 would be great. I think Sticky Fingers and Let it Bleed are fighting for my number 1 spot.

Be safe RA

You be safe as well. I think for the purposes of this question now and going forward, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, and Exile On Main Street have to be pulled from competition. The albums are all perfect and their inclusion is virtually automatic and, thus, eats up three of your five spots. (Some throw Beggar's Banquet in here with them as well and while it's a fantastic album, I have it a notch below the other three). I'm just going with studio albums as well. Like favorite Simpsons episodes, these could change hour-to-hour...

5. Emotional Rescue (1980). For my money, one of their most underrated albums. The title track, a Jagger falsetto special, was a monster hit on both radio and video back in the day. "She's So Cold", "Dance (Pt. 1)", "Let Me Go", and the dreamy Richards ballad "All About You" help round out this better-than-solid effort. Most importantly, it passes the album test ("can I put it on and not have touch until it's over?").

4. England's Newest Hitmakers (1964). Their American debut is mostly blues covers that the Stones relied on early in their careers before they had their songwriting legs underneath them (just three of the 12 songs are penned by Jagger/Richards). Though they're nowhere near the earthshakers they'll become some day, this album shows their potential in a brisk 30 minutes and their version of Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" still slaps. In a coincidence, both the Stones and Aerosmith debut albums end with a cover of Rufus Thomas's "Walking The Dog".

3. Beggar's Banquet (1968). Known for having "Sympathy..." kicking it off, BB also represented a new level of song-writing and artistry from the band, a level that would carry through Exile. The fellas raised their game from the previous couple of albums and the results were outstanding. "Street Fighting Man" is the other well-known classic here but "Salt of the Earth, "No Expectations" and "Jigsaw Puzzle" are classics in their own right. 

2. Some Girls (1978). I have this as their funnest one. You can put this on at a party and not worry about shit for 40 minutes (well, except for maybe those lyrics to the title song depending on who's there). But this one is loaded with classics and gems: "Miss You", "Beast of Burden", "Before They Make Me Run", "Shattered", "Far Away Eyes", and their best Motown cover, "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)". You can't go wrong with Some Girls.

1. Tattoo You (1981). This was my first Stones album (cassette actually) so I'll always be a sucker for it. I was about 9 or 10 when I became enamored with them after seeing this lanky frontman in a video that looked like it was made up Hampton Beach, bragging about how much he could fuck. Sold. But TY is much more than just "Start Me Up". "Waiting On A Friend", "Hang Fire", "Little T&A", "Neighbors", and "Tops" all haul ass. If there's a quibble, Side 2 could use a bump.