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What Is An Appropriate Punishment For Purposefully Spilling A Tub Of Cereal On The Subway?

I honestly don't think I've seen a more infuriating tik tok in all of my life.

If you commute on any sort of public transport at all, this is your nightmare. Being a part of a random video that some dickhead makes in an attempt to go viral. At least sometimes it might be something funny or cool like a guy break dancing and hitting his head on a pole. Even the occasional fight video is not terrible on public transport so long as you don't catch any ricochet shots. Chances are if you have to do these public "pranks", you have the charisma of an ant and aren't funny in any way, shape, or form. Like Joshy.

But this shit is just unacceptable. Bringing a full ass tub of cereal onto a subway car in the middle and spilling it on purpose - in the middle of a global pandemic where people are already on high alert, no less - is not even funny in the slightest bit. 

Imagine being one of the people on the subway. It must've taken a lot of strength for them to not get up and beat the brakes off Joshy for pulling this shit. I would pay to see what happened after the camera shit off because you just know they were all yelling at him, they may have even gotten a little beefy with him, who knows.

Even subway workers for that matter. They don't want to have to clean up gallons of fucking milk and some soggy fruity pebbles just so some clout chaser can get a couple of likes. They have more important stuff to be doing such as disinfecting trains.

How the fuck do they even let this kid on the subway? Are there no rules against this? So many questions need answering. The biggest question, however, is what is an appropriate punishment for this crime? 

Has to be jail, no? Firing squad? Torture? Hell? Whatever it may be, I'm not sure if there is any punishment that is enough for this. I think it should be left up to all the people he inconvenienced to decide his fate.

PS - Literally FUCK Joshy. The kid sucks. Thankful he sucked so bad that Dave didn't even give his corny ass a second thought, allowing me to interview for the job of Frankie. Not a funny bone in that kid's body.